Luminous Landscapes: An Immersive Art Experience

By City of Bedford (other events)

3 Dates Through Jul 31, 2022

Join us for a truly unique and unforgettable art event!

“Luminous Landscapes: An Immersive Art Experience” invites you to engage all your senses in a lively forest, calm ocean, and endless cosmos.  Visitors will enter three separate spaces that have been brought to life with light projections of various landscapes, creatures, and sounds. 

In addition to this unique experience, there will be food trucks on site each day, and art vendors on Saturday and Sunday. Food trucks will be in the parking lot, and art vendors will be set up inside the building on the opposite end from the immersive exhibit. 

With three different dates, there is sure to be one to fit your schedule. Grab some food, see some art, and experience nature and the cosmos like never before!